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Drop Weight and Burn Fat at a Rate That is Healthy

Renew Your Life

One of the secrets in having a weight loss program that is successful is in renewing your life by actually restoring the body to the way it was originally. You have to nullify the years of binge drinking and overeating, and the years you didn’t exercise.

Cleanse Your Body

Your first step should be to detoxify and cleanse your body. When you do this, don’t turn it into something that feels like sacrifice, but make it enjoyable and relaxing. Take this detoxifying day and use it for hair or nail treatments, or getting a pedicure or manicure. Do some things you’ve been putting off.

Years of unwise decisions have caused our bodies to become polluted. Due to the bad habits we’ve picked up, some vital organs are not working at their maximum performance level. One of the absolutely most important organs to be considered is the liver. The liver rids our bodies of detrimental waste, and when it’s healthy it will remover or burn fat.

 Eat Your Veg

Once you’ve completed detoxifying, then appease your liver with what it needs most, which is a higher level of vitamin E. You can find this in whole-grain foods, milk, eggs, nuts, seeds, and leafy green veggies. There are a lot of veggies that help the liver to cleanse itself – foods like cabbage, watercress, turnips, and most all greens.

The liver also needs to have vitamin C to stay healthy. It’s true that oranges have been the standard choice for vitamin C, but broccoli, parsley, and red peppers actually hold higher levels of this much needed vitamin. So break out that juicer. Get the Wok going, and treat your liver to some good stuff.

 Be Healthy – Eat Healthy

From here you need to stay on an eating plan that is healthy. But never try to live just eating lettuce and water because you can’t sustain that kind of a diet. There are a lot of very healthy meal plans and recipes, and they are very simple and easy to follow. The old saying about moderation in all things is an absolute truth.

Now we come to the part that scares people off. It’s called exercise. But they totally get the wrong picture about what that has to be. What is 15 minutes out of someone’s day, in the interest of good health? Walking isn’t hard or strenuous, and works fine as an exercise for getting fit, as long as you’re consistent.

And good health today is more than just feeling good, it’s keeping many from the poor-house. Having an illness today can really take the life savings out of a family. But by changing our diets in a natural way like this, we help ourselves, and potentially everyone else around us. So take the advice here seriously, don’t put too much pressure on yourself, have fun with it, and start dropping those pounds and inches.

Lose Weight Through the Metabolic Type Diet


The best way to lose weight is follow a proven weight loss program as well as including exercise

Which Diet Program for You?

Not all diet programs are applicable to everyone.  A certain program might be effective for you, but it may be a flop for your friend.  There are literally hundreds of diet programs in this world today and it is not really easy to find one that will perfectly fit you.

We are all Unique Individuals

There is a kind of diet formed by Dr. Walter Willet and it is known as the Metabolic Type Diet.  The doctor said that we all are unique individuals and that we should all have distinct diet program.  He has created a tool that has helped many people with different dietary needs.

The Metabolic Type Diet Has Certain Categories

The tool is not that easy to comprehend, but let me simplify it for you.  The Metabolic Type Diet has certain categories that sort people out based on their cellular oxidation rate.  The cellular oxidation rate refers to the speed in which the food is turned into energy.

We Need to Eat the Right Foods

Our body functions well because of food.  If you do not eat the food that your body needs or if you fail to eat on time, naturally, you will become weak.  This is also what occurs when you are trying to lose weight and not have an effective diet program.  If you want to lose weight, you must be able to determine your oxidation rate first.

The Metabolic Type Diet involves three types of procedure.  Each one is distinct and you choose where you belong.

  1. 1.   Protein Type

If you are a type of person who can’t survive every meal without protein, then you might belong to this group.  This group has a fast oxidation rate and can take in foods that are high in fat.  The ratio of this type is usually 40:30:30, meaning, your body needs to have 40% protein, 30% carbohydrate and 30% fat.

  1. 2.   Carbohydrate Type

This type has a slow oxidation rate.  This means that if you eat more protein than usual, you will feel lame and weak and some even experience stomach aches.  The carbohydrate type has a ratio of 60:20:10, which pertains to carbohydrates, protein and fat respectively.

People belonging to this group are more active when they eat fruits, oatmeal or beans.

  1. 3.   Mixed Type

Persons who fall under this type have a balanced diet.  The amount of protein, carbohydrates and fat are more or less equal.  If they eat more on one these food groups, they will feel weak and starved.


Why You Need to Establish a Healthy Relationship with Food for Weight Loss

Re-Evaluate Your Approach to Food

For guys who have spent the better parts of their life on and off weight loss diets with no tangible success, the concern of ever being able to lead a ‘normal’ life again can be quite overpowering. This is because when you desperately need to lose excess pounds yet you can’t seem to have any tangible success progress, it can really get on your nerves and thrash your self esteem and also your health. Even so, there are two good approaches that you can take — first you should define exactly what ‘normal’ is to you and second you need to re-evaluate your approach towards food.

 Establish a Plan

Normal is a relative word when it comes to weight loss, weight gain, and food in general. Despite the fact that there is so much pressure put on quantifying ‘normal’, rest assured that it is quite different for each person. Thus, being aware of what you are eating and how you are doing it is very normal, but being obsessed with each bite that goes into your mouth to a point of thinking about food all the time is abnormal. It is important that you establish a middle ground in which you can comfortably live with.

 Being Healthy is Important

Even though losing weight is very important for a healthy life, learning to create a healthy relationship with the food that you eat should be your utmost goal. Note that this goes beyond what goes into your mouth, what you eat, how you eat it, when you eat, and how you feel when and after eating are all very important. The main purpose of eating is to nourish and sustain the human body, hence should be one of your happiest experiences.

 Eat Properly and Lose Weight

Rest assured that weight loss is as a result of eating properly meaning if you consume healthy foods in acceptable healthy measures you will start to notice a positive progress on your weight loss mission. On the other hand, if you deliberately eat very many healthy foods, most probably you will not even add a pound… why? Because the process of gaining weight is a complex combination of different circumstances and aspects, but taking foods that will trigger an insulin reaction in your body’s metabolism is one of the major contributing factors.

The human body reacts to increases in blood sugar levels very strongly because the insulin excreted by the pancreas forces the body to store sugars consumed as fat instead of using them

Ways of Warming Up and Cooling Down When Working Out

3 Good Benefits to Warming Up & Cooling Down

All novice bodybuilders need to learn the right way to warm up and cool down at the gym. There are three good benefits when you warm up and cool down properly. You lower the risk of injuries, you increase your flexibility, and you speed up the recovery time after your workout.

Here are a few other warming up benefits :

1. In regards to muscle fibers, you experience elevated contractile speed and shorter response times.

2. You see a reducing of muscle stiffness which lowers the risk for injury

3. Your energy contraction is more efficient because of the lower viscosity that warmed muscles hold. This produces resistance to muscular force that is produced.

4. You’ll experience a greater absorption of oxygen into your myoglobin. This is because hemoglobin is able to release oxygen more easily when your muscle temperatures are higher.

 Cardiovascular Exercise

The Right Way To Warm Up – You should use cardiovascular exercises and stretching exercises for warming up. You’d be surprised at how many bodybuilders scoff at warming up and simply dive right into lifting weights. They just don’t understand that warming up helps them to train with much more intensity, and even to lift more weight.


If you compare two bodybuilders of the same size and caliber, with one warming up and the other not, and test them for their lifting abilities, you’d be amazed at the difference in performance ability. Of course the one what warms up will experience the best workout. It’s due to the warm-up producing a higher level of joint flexibility. So the first bodybuilder is able to perform much more intensely.

 Aerobics are Good for Warm Ups

For your warm up to be effective, you should give it twenty minutes at the least. Aerobics are good for warm-ups. You can jog, or walk on a treadmill, skip some rope, or ride a bike. This will raise the body temperature which the muscles need for stimulating growth. You should also throw in some stretching exercises. These will enable the muscles to contract more.

Cooling Down – The last thing you have at the end of the workout is the cooling down period. If you don’t cool down, you’re going to have a delayed outbreak of sore muscles. The intracellular pressure gets reduced, which will have an affect on your muscles the next day. This can sometimes be quite painful, and it’s so easily avoided just by taking the time to cool down.

Cooling down is very similar to warming up, just in the opposite direction. Instead of jogging fast, slow it down, gradually getting slower and slower, until your heart rate is normal again.

Successful Ways to Remove Belly Fat

Lots of People Struggle to Lose Belly Fat

Belly fat is one of the common places for our body to store fat in. There are a lot of people who struggle with this and you might even struggle with it yourself. The amount of fat that you have stored by your belly will depend on the diet you are on and how much junk food you take in. It also has to do with the body fat that you carry around. If you have more body fat in your entire body, you will have more belly fat for you to try to remove. The good news is that there is no need for you to lose all that belly fat since it is good to have some. This allows our body to keep nutrients that we need when we get sick. It also helps in keeping us warm.

Belly Fat is a Hormone Called Cortisol

The primary reason for belly fat is a hormone known as ‘cortisol’. This is something that is triggered when we are stressed. During stressful times, the body makes more cortisol and this is what makes your body store more belly fat. You can lose some of this by removing some things from your diet but the best way that you can permanently get rid of this is to look at how your body produces cortisol.

 Exercise is the Best Way to Lose Belly Fat

The best thing that you can do to reduce your body’s cortisol production is to do exercise. You have to take care that you do not do too much exercise because this can make you stressed and your body will end up producing more cortisol.  You should avoid long cardio workouts and long sessions of lifting weights. These are the ones that make more cortisol. Rather than this, you should concentrate on doing shorter workouts that are more intense. These will help to fight the negative effects of cortisol in our body.

Managing these hormones is not the only things you need to help you get rid of unwanted belly fat. You also have to look at the kinds of food that you eat. Consuming too much junk food and soda gives you a lot of sugar in your system. This is what becomes belly fat. You need your body to transform sugar and make it into energy. However if this energy is not used fast enough, the excess will turn into belly fat. Alcohol is a sugary product that you need to avoid or only consume moderately, especially if you wish to lose that belly fat.

 Get A Healthy Diet Plan

Taking out some foods from your usual diet is a very good way to permanently remove that belly fat. But you can also include foods that will help to make this easier. One way for you to shed those pounds is to have an increased metabolism. This means that you need to eat food which can speed up your metabolism to aid with your exercise routine. You can consume coconut oil because this is known for its effects on speeding up the metabolism. It also aids in getting rid of extra fat.

How To Exercise To Exchange That Belly For Six Pack Abs

Get Up and Do Something About It

For most people having a large fat belly is a real nightmare. This is true for both men and women alike. But today, with the fitness awareness ramped up at an all-time high, it’s harder to find the big bellies than is used to be. You mostly see trim bodies even if you don’t see the six packs. But if you are one of those people who is stuck with a big belly, and you feel like you just aren’t going to get that date you want, then get up and do something about it.

We’ve learned by experience that the sit-ups and the crunches DO NOT get you six pack abs. They help to tone the muscles under the fat layer, but they don’t have much effect on getting rid of the fat. You need to do the right kind of exercises that will burn the fat, and make it an overall body workout, not just focused on one area. You can’t lose fat by aiming at any specific area, you just have to aim at fat period. It will come off where it will, but eventually it will have to come off the belly.

Here are 3 things you can do right now just to get you started attacking that fat layer and toning those abs:

(1). Reduce your caloric intake

(2). Do cardiovascular exercises

(3). Add the sit-ups and crunches in with the cardio

Now let’s look at these one at a time

1. – Reduce your intake of high calorie foods. They are the main reasons for developing belly fat. The body will store extra calories as fat, and around you mid-section is one of the first areas to be affected. The recommended daily calorie consumption for men is 1500. So try to come in under that number and you’ll be on your way to losing that belly fat.

2. Do some cardiovascular exercises once you’ve reduced your calorie intake. Examples of these are swimming, brisk walking, running, or cycling. The point here is to burn more calories than you take in. This will burn fat and give you more energy, which means you’re on the road to developing your six pack.

Sit Up and Crunch

3. Get the sit-ups and crunches going as well. These will help to tone the muscles laying underneath the belly fat, so once they’re exposed, you’ll look lean and fit. It keeps the stomach from looking all loose and flabby. If you do these on a consistent basis, you’ll see the results when you start to drop the fat. If you can stick with it for six weeks, you’ll be looking at a new you in the mirror, and you will have become your own success story.

The best way to lose weight is follow a proven weight loss program as well as including exercise

Win Your Battle vs. Fat with These Tips

Busy Life Leads to Bad Eating Habits

The high incidence of obesity may partly be blamed on our “need for speed” as it applies to our eating habits. Because of our busy schedules, we don’t have the time or patience to prepare healthy meals and enjoy them at leisure. What most of us do is go to fast-food restaurants for a quick bite so we can get back to what we were doing before being interrupted by our growling stomachs.

Artificial Coloring, Preservatives & Other Additives are Bad for Our Diet

If we’re at home, we heat pre-packaged foods on the microwave for dinner. These foods contain a lot of sodium, preservatives, artificial coloring, and other additives whose cumulative effects on our bodies are far from beneficial. Processed/refined foods are also a big source of free radicals, which are byproducts of our body’s metabolism.

Ditch the Bad Diet and Eat Healthy and Loss Weight

The end result of all these unhealthy eating habits and poor food choices is unwanted fat on our bodies. If this situation describes you, what can you do about it? Here are some tips to help you in your battle to lose weight:

Ban soda and other sweetened drinks. If you drink just two cans of soda a day (probably every time you have lunch or dinner), you are adding the equivalent of 15 teaspoons of sugar a day. If you switch to plain water, imagine how many calories you are sparing your body from!

Let your family and friends know you are trying to lose weight. If they like you, they will modify their behavior accordingly. For instance, a supportive spouse will not have pizza or some other high-fat and high-calorie foods delivered to the house.

As much as possible, eat fresh. Fresh foods are free from the additives and other chemicals that are found in pre-packaged foods. The less processing food undergoes, the more nutrients you can get from it. Highly processed and refined foods, on the other hand, not only promote fat storage as well as create free radicals.

Your diet plan should include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. These are where you should get your vitamins and minerals from, not from a capsule or tablet. What’s more, fruits and vegetables contain fiber, which helps in weight loss by making you feel full sooner and longer.

It’s Important to Change Your Lifestyle

It’s important to realize that what you need to do is to change your lifestyle insofar as food is concerned. Don’t think about dieting. Dieting is only one part of a general alteration of your lifestyle. If you think dieting is the solution to your problem, you may stop eating the right way when you reach your weight goal, only to discover later that the pounds have crept back in.

Simple Ways to Lose Abdominal Fat

What Causes the Extra Abdominal Fat?

Among the greatest horrors for people who are fat is the extra abdominal fat that they carry. There are plenty of seminars around the world that tell people how to lose this but some of them end up being detrimental to our health. Before I tell you what you can do to lose abdominal fat, you should know what causes it.

When we want to eat, we often do not keep track of the calories that we intake. We get added fat because of this and this is normally contained in our abdomen. This is the start of the problem. People who have more abdominal fat are likely to have low confidence. If you are serious about getting rid of yours, you can do any of these simple tips.

 Exercise to Lose Your Belly Fat

The first thing you need to do to get rid of belly fat is to exercise. You can ask a personal trainer to help you and suggest tips on workouts that will work. This can be done by looking at your age and your height. Figuring out these things is crucial to losing abdominal fat.

200 Minutes Exercise Per Week Will Result in Wonders

Doing exercises regularly can help a lot. A 200-minute period of exercise per week will result to wonders. Stick to exercises that improve how your stomach looks and tones its muscles so that you can get rid of that unwanted belly fat.

Do not forget to do some cardio workouts and strength training. A boot camp workout is great because it works out the entire body. You get a toned body that is more muscular and has less fat.

For those who love music and dancing, aerobic classes are a good option for you. These classes are enjoyable and can really lead to a reduction of abdominal fat.

 Monitor Your Calories

Make sure that you monitor your calorie intake. Keep it balanced versus getting the right amount of nutrients. This is a preventive measure to keep more fat from accumulating around your belly.

Stop bad habits such as drinking alcohol and smoking. These are detrimental to your general health. Also, avoid eating right before you sleep at night. Taking a walk after eating will also be good because it makes proper digestion easier.

These are just some of the simple tips by which you can get rid of abdominal fat. Remember that it takes discipline and patience for you to see results. Stick to one method and wait for the difference to your body.

exercise for flat stomach and abs

Weight Loss Exercises – Is High or Low Intensity Better?

What Are Low or High Intensity Exercises?

To answer this question we first need to know just what are some examples of low intensity and high intensity exercises. One good example of low intensity exercise is a brisk walk. Running, on the other hand, would be considered high intensity, because it causes your heart to beat much faster. When you are engaged in high intensity exercises, the body will burn glycogen. This is a substance made up of carbs that is stored within the liver and the muscles. Whenever your body requires an energy boost, this glycogen is quickly converted into energy and made available.

 Are Low Intensity Exercises Getting the Job Done?

Lots of scientists and experts say you can burn body fat with low intensive exercises. This in turn caused lots of of people to change their exercise routines and to implement the low intensity exercises into their regimens. The problem here is that these low intensity exercises aren’t getting the job done. There are a lot of people who walk regularly that are still overweight. We need to know why this is.

 Burning Calories is Different from Burning Fat

The fact is, burning calories is different from burning fat. The experts figured out that when you’re engaged in low intensity exercises, like walking or swimming, the body will burn more fat. And when you do the high intensity exercises, you build muscles. This may cause you to think you’re not losing weight because the muscles are being built up instead.

Many people mistake muscle for fat, even though it’s not true. Not the bulging biceps, but the well toned muscles that work to keep your body functioning properly. A muscular body is a sign your health is good. So running would be burning more calories. The higher intensity uses the calories to fuel the intense activity. Eating brings the calories in, and in order to lose weight, you have to burn off more of them than you bring in. Simple math and common sense.

 High Intensity Works After You’ve Stopped Exercising

Once you’ve finished performing your low intensity exercises, then that’s all the benefit you can get. You have managed to burn some fat. The benefits stop right there when you stop exercising. But with high intensity exercise, you are going to burn calories and give your metabolism a huge boost, so that even after you stop the workout, you are still going to be dropping body fat a long time afterwards.

Whenever you exercise, the glycogen we mentioned above gets used up. So once you’ve used up your store of glycogen, when you eat more carbs, they’ll get used for conversion to glycogen instead of being stored as fat. Both of these types of exercises come with advantages, so why not do both?

You could being by doing some brisk walking for maybe five minutes, and then take off running for five. Once you’re breathless and the heart is really pumping, slow it down and walk some more. This is what’s known as ‘interval training’. This type of training really does your body good, and brings some good results.

 Training 5 Times Weekly Will Get You Results

If you can do the interval training about five times weekly, you are going to experience some really good results. You body will become lean and mean. In fact, your overall health will improve dramatically. So if you’ve been struggling with losing weight, try this method of interval training. You’re sure to see the results you want if you can stick with it for a few weeks. Soon you’ll be dropping the pounds and feeling great.

When Does a Weight Loss Dietary Supplement Become Necessary?

Should You Take a Dietary Supplement?

For very many overpowered dieters, the question as to whether weight loss dietary supplements are good or not for facilitating weight reduction arises. To make matters even more complex, with very many diets on the health and fitness market today, knowing the right one customized for your specific weight loss mission becomes all the more complex. But when it comes to weight loss dietary supplements and whether they should be taken or not, is depended on a number of factors.

Always Seek Clearance from Your Physician

The first and most important thing that everyone wishing to lose weight should do is seek clearance from a physician. Your doctor will need to take into consideration your fitness level, activity level, age, and general food plan to help establish whether taking a weight loss dietary supplement is essential or not.

 Take Note:

Fitness and activity level – unless you are very active physically, not to mean the occasional walk you take around the block or the occasional stairs you take in the office, your metabolism is bound to come to a stop. By being physically active, you should take at least 30 minutes of aerobics at least 4-5 times every week. Aerobics could come in any form, from dancing, gardening, walking briskly around the block, walking on the treadmill, jogging, and everything else in between that will make you sweat.

Age – your age has a very critical role to play when it comes to weight gain and weight loss. As you age, the metabolism significantly slows down significantly, hence may require a weight loss supplement to help accelerate the metabolism. Even then, the type of supplement that you take, and its ingredients will be determined by your doctor when he gives you a clean bill of health and clears you to take a weight loss supplement.

Dietary plan – your main determinant of whether you need supplements or not is your food plan. Be advised that there is no dietary supplement in this world today that will be effective if you are taking ice cream whenever you like, gorging on pizza, taking butter and bread, and other fattening types of foods. There ain’t no such miracle pill available in the market today. Even if you take a weight loss dietary supplement, it can only function when complemented with a balanced food plan with lots of fresh fruits and veggies, and water.

Eat the Right Foods & Exercise

If you are working out, eating right and still not making any progress on your weight loss mission, you might want to consider a dietary supplement for weight loss. You should always get weight loss dietary supplements made of natural ingredients as they will be safe and healthy. Ingredients such as green tea extract and Hoodia come from natural plants and have proven to help accelerate the metabolism.