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iStock 000011242429XSmall 200x300 Get Six Pack Abs FastGetting a nice set of x pack abs often seems harder than it truly is. Most people think, “That could never be me, it’s just not in my genetics” but that just isn’t true. Anyone can have six pack abs, even you! Six pack abs are in all of us, that is simply the way are muscles are formed even from birth. The shape of those muscles doesn’t really change when you work out, they do grow larger and more defined, however the fundamental shape doesn’t change.

Last Time I Looked, I Did Not Have Six Pack Abs.

The only thing keeping the world from seeing your six pack, is belly fat. That’s right, the annoying fat that seems to just sit right on your tummy making you feel puffy and bulging. The truth is, most people do have belly fat covering their six packs, but underneath all of that belly fat whether it be a little or a lot, is a set of defined and prominent six pack abs.

Showing the Goods: Burn the Belly and Tone the Skin!

What all of this means is simply that in order to show your six pack abs off to the world, all you have to do is burn the belly fat that is covering them. If you’ve accumulated more than few pounds of belly fat, you’re going to need to tone up the skin a bit as well, but the most important thing is that you burn off the belly fat.

Burning belly fat seems difficult to most people, in fact the majority of people are reading this thinking “I tried!” but the truth is, you just haven’t found the right program for you. Burning belly fat and getting six pack abs is going to be difficult, but once you get into the right routine, even you can have a stunning six pack of abs that will look phenomenal and make you feel great.

Six Pack Abs – How I Built Mine in Thirty Days

Getting six pack abs in thirty days seems too good to be true; most people can’t believe it’s possible. To be honest, in most cases it’s not. It’s natural to want to get to your ideal body style and weight in a month, but it’s not natural to actually do so if you start out overweight. Depending on where you start, building abs in 30 days may or may not be possible.

If it’s so Hard, How Did You Get Six Pack Abs?

I began my quest for ripped abs already with a flat stomach, but never knew how to move on from this stage. I actually heard about truth about abs program by Mike Geary, after a bit of research I decided to buy his 21 day trial. The truth about abs program is simply put amazing, it sure saved me going through masses of research it covers all aspects of getting a flat stomach and ripped six pack abs. I’ve never been overweight, my stomach is relatively flat and I eat pretty healthy as it is which cut out a lot of time from my journey. I didn’t have to work much on burning any belly fat; I just got to jump into training exercises. The first thing I did though was start taking in more protein, protein helps the muscles rebuild themselves getting closer to six pack abs.

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I started my journey doing fifteen minutes of abdominal training out of an hour long session three times a week. The other forty five minutes I spent doing other things like some weight lifting and running. I did this for a week before switching it up.

Week Two – Quest for Six Pack Abs

During my second week I worked on my abdominal muscles for thirty minutes a session without stopping. It is important to keep working without stopping other than to sip some water. Room temperature water is best because it doesn’t stiffen the muscles. This week, I went for a thirty minute brisk walk on the days that I wasn’t working out and I worked out Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. This gave my muscles time to build, but also made sure my body didn’t stay sedentary.

Week Three – Quest for Six Pack Abs

Week three I started seeing some real results, people were noticing my face getting thinner, and my abs were peaking out, it was safe to say that when I flexed I could see the six pack in there. After that sense of accomplishment I kept working towards my ripped six pack abs. This time, I focused on my abs for forty five minutes switching up the routine a bit and still did it four times a week. I used what I had learned so far to motivate me to try different things and work my abs in ways I hadn’t yet tried, still taking the daily breaks with the brisk walks.

Week Four – Quest for Six Pack Abs

This week I was feeling on top of the world, my body wasn’t as sore and my abs were showing just a little bit. I spent the full hour on my abdomen and spent an hour walking on my days off. By the end of the week I had reached my thirty day mark, and when I compared the picture I took the first day to myself in the mirror today it was clear I had made tons of progress. I could officially see my abs without flexing, and I had six pack abs.

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The Perfect Six – Getting the Perfect Six Pack Abs

Everyone is asking, how do I get perfect six pack abs. The answers vary depending on who you ask, but they all have a common underlying answer. Losing the belly fat is the key to showing off your perfect sculpted abs. The best part is that while you are working on losing the belly fat you are usually building the muscle that it underneath. Perfect six pack abs are defined, prominent, and bold. Diet and exercise is the key to having a toned body free of extra bulge and fat.

Banish the Belly to Reveal Six Pack Abs

First and most importantly is the belly. You have to get rid of the extra bulge around your stomach that covers up the muscle underneath it. Banishing your belly can be done by maintaining a healthy diet, focus on getting a good amount of calories without the fat content. Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are the best for accomplishing this. Most dietitians will also recommend sticking to white meats in order to lose weight so as to reveal your six pack abs.

Build the Perfect Six Pack Abs

Once you’ve gotten rid of the belly, which is easily done by exercise and a healthy lifestyle, you can work on producing those six pack abs. So your tummy is flat and you are ready to get those abdominal muscles showing, you have to work on building them up. After you lose weight in the form of belly fat, it is time to gain weight in the form of muscle.

Six pack abs are a result of your abdominal muscles being ripped in tiny places and healing to be twice the size because of scarring, over time the muscle re-builds itself to be stronger and bigger. This ripping should be done slowly and steadily, which is why the perfect six pack abs takes time, and patience is really necessary to get safe results. So if you really want the perfect six pack abs, defined and strong, it is going to take time and effort. The fastest way to get six pack abs, is to work out every other day for about an hour and focus on your abdominal muscles with your work outs.

The reasoning behind waiting until every other day is because you have to give your muscles time to recover and start re-building those little tears, that way you don’t end up with a bunch of rips all at once. If you just keep ripping, you don’t have time to gradually build your muscles bigger, and it will take much longer. If you want to work out every other day, don’t target the same muscles every day, stick to cardio on the days when you aren’t working your abs.

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So stop procrastinating and take action today! Your six pack abs and superb fitness is just around the corner

The Truth About Abs Info

ebook cover medium Truth About Abs Review Website :
Creator : Mick Geary
Company : The Truth About Abs
Delivery Method : Digital Download
Trial Available : Yes Take 21 day trial

Through out the years men have sought to have the perfect body. Many men spend hours in the gym trying to achieve the perfect six pack. The trouble is that for many this target is just not achievable. For many people losing weight or toning up their stomach is the hardest thing to achieve. When you visit a gym you get a sense of real gym envy when you see people who are working at their six pack, jealous of those whose good body seems to come almost naturally.

The truth is that whilst doing cardio, crunches and sit-ups are great they don’t focus on the abdominal area. In fact a lot of work outs seem to miss this area out altogether as they know it is the hardest area to achieve any real results.

However that said it doesn’t mean that it can’t be done. The secret is to follow a real plan, that’s sole focus is to get you the six pack that you desire. The Truth About Six Pack Abs program does exactly that!

Mike Geary has worked for over 263,000 people in around 150 different countries. His skills and techniques as a personal trainer are second to none. He has developed The Truth About Six Pack Abs so that everyone can have the body that they want.

Mike Geary wanted the book to be easy to understand and achievable. He did this by breaking the book down into two sections.

The first park of the book talks about nutrition.

Most of us know the basics of healthy eating. We know that a take away every night is not going to help us lose weight. However the book goes beyond that and gets to the nitty gritty of good eating in an informative and easy to understand unlike many workout and nutritional books.

The next section is the main part of the book – exercise. This is where Mike Geary really comes into his own and shows you just how much valuable knowledge he really has. He goes above and beyond the normal exercise routines that we are all used too. He has a number of exercise techniques focusing on the abdominal area.

In a step that is unlike many other exercise books you read, he also tells you the exercises to avoid. That’s right; there are exercises that you should avoid because they make you less likely to achieve the six pack that you want.

However don’t panic and think that the exercises only focus on your abdominal area. Mike shows you a full body works out to help you get rid of body fat all over. He will also show you exercises that help you increase body’s metabolism.

Women are not excluded from any part of this book; the program is designed to work for everyone.

Generally exercises in the book take between 30 and 50 minutes every day depending on your pace. These will get easier the more you do them and your times will get faster.

Don’t worry though you also only have to work out round 3-4 times a week to achieve the body perfection you are aiming for.

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how to lose weight 266 Health Related Benefits of Shedding off Excess WeightMany Diseases are Caused by Excessive Weight

Excessive weight is thought to be the major cause of very many diseases today, reason why the need to lose weight is emphasized today more than ever before. Some of the benefits of losing weight include:-

As mentioned, overweight is the cause of many health complications today, some of which are life threatening and may even lead to death if no serious measure is taken. Overweight leads to obesity, which causes high blood pressure, and which in turn causes heart disease and stroke, the world’s leading causes of death today.

Simply By Watching Your Weight You Can Control & Prevent Heart Diseases

The reason why the prevalence rate for stroke and heart disease is high in overweight people is because obese people have a very high cholesterol level in their blood stream, which needless to mention interferes with so many functions in the body.

Luckily, you can be able to control and prevent heart diseases and stroke by simply watching your weight. This ensures the heart functions normally and the blood pressure remains at its optimal and so will there be a reduction in triglyceride and cholesterol levels.

Diabetics Should Complement Their Medication with Regular Exercise

The other benefit of losing weight is to avoid and protect yourself from diabetes. Both categories of diabetes are associated with being obese and overweight. In case you are already obese, not to get discouraged, you should complement your medication with regular exercises in order to control your weight. This also helps control the blood sugar level, reason enough to enhance your physical activities.

Some types of cancer have also been linked to excess weight; therefore losing weight reduces your risks of getting this life threatening health condition. Cancer of the gall bladder, uterus, breasts etc, have all been linked to overweight, hence you ought to do something. Sleep apnea is the other disease that you will avoid by losing weight. This is a very dangerous disease associated with obesity and which can momentarily stop one from breathing for a period of time.

Lose Weight and Get a Healthy Life

Excess weight is a cause of pain for people suffering from osteoarthritis. Logically, excess body weight will exert undue pressure on your knee joints, hips, and the back which will manifest in form of pain and will interfere with your walking among other day to day activities. Needless to mention therefore, when you control your weight, you will have a lesser load and stress on your joints, significantly reducing risks of osteoarthritis.

Boiled down, there are so many benefits associated with losing weight, most of which are health related. If you have been contemplating losing weight and didn’t have a reason enough to kick start you, the abovementioned revelations should be your wakeup call.

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